Kids Kung Fu Classes

Kids martial arts classes.

What is kung fu?  Literally translated from Chinese (功夫, gong fu), kung fu means hard work to become an accomplished person. Kung fu requires consistent practice over a long period of time and conscientious effort while practicing. Many benefits can arise from the diligence such as focus, self control, self-confidence, connection of mind and body, as well as physically fit bodies which are trained for self-defense.

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Some of the training includes punches, strikes, kicks, rolls, leg sweeps, and flips.  The exercises and basic kung fu movements condition the children to be swift, agile, strong, and flexible.  As they are promoted and progress to higher levels, they will also take on weapons training using the wooden staff, broadsword or straight sword, spear, 9-section chain whip, and other various weapons.  

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The practice is rigorous and challenging, but the kids love it.  Find out for yourself.  Bring your child in for a free trial class. You are welcome to contact us if you have further questions or simply show up to either class 1 or class 2 (see below). Check our schedule for class times. Be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes before class.


We offer a variety of kids classes based on age and level:

1. Youth Kung Fu (Ages 4 to 8) If you believe your 3.5 year old is ready to begin, we can offer an evaluation.

2. Youth Kung Fu (Ages 9+) This class is for beginners.

3. Intermediate Youth Kung Fu - This class is for higher level students and requires invitation.

4. Private Classes - We offer one-on-one instruction if you want your child to advance more quickly or needs extra attention. Choose between a half hour or a full hour. Contact us to schedule a time.

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