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Wu De (武德), Martial Ethics,

is an important aspect of studying Shaolin kung fu.  A certain code of conduct which expresses the character of the martial artist.

Respect (尊敬, Zun Jing)

Having respect for oneself, for one's teacher, for their school, and for their fellow peers will foster an environment which encourages growth and excellence.  Respect is an expression of one's self worth and the value they put into the practice of the martial arts.  Those who respect themselves and others, will be respected.

Humility (谦逊, Qian Xu)

A student who already knows everything, will learn nothing.  The student who is modest, who lets go of pride, who "empties their cup," is ripe for new knowledge to enter.

Loyalty (忠诚, Zhong Cheng)

Having loyalty to the practice and one's teachers expresses honor, not only to the practice and teachers, but to one's choices of these things.  

Trust (信用, Xin Yong)

Have trust in the practice.  Have trust in your teachers.  A student without trust, who doubts their teachers and the practice, will doubt themselves.  With a wise heart, follow the tradition of the martial masters, for they are of a lineage with deep roots.  

Righteousness (義/义, Yi)

The skilled martial artist possesses a power to harm others, but the martial artist with a righteous character uses this skill not to hurt others, but to protect themselves and those who are less capable.


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