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Shaolin Kungfu Chan

Founded by 32nd Generation Shaolin Temple Master, Shi Xing Wei in 2005.  Learn authentic Shaolin kung fu and traditional Chen tai chi.  Contact or visit us for a free trial class.

Shaolin Kungfu Chan offers classes that are taught in a pleasant, humble environment.  We strive to maintain a respectful and friendly experience.  Each student is encouraged to work towards personal fulfillment.  The instructors personally work with each student and perform demonstrations for better learning.

Beginners are very welcome and should not be intimidated.  We all start as beginners and can benefit from embracing the challenge.  More than 80% of the students at Shaolin Kungfu Chan started without any experience in martial arts.

Intermediate and advanced students of martial arts will find the classes to be challenging and rewarding.  Improvement can be seen after only a few months because of the rigorous and disciplined training method.

We welcome you to visit us. You will find people from all walks of life attend classes at Shaolin Kungfu Chan. Do not be surprised to find a friend here with the same interests as you.

Feel free to explore our website to find more information on the classes and instructors at our school. Enjoy!

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