Shi Xing Wei | 32nd Generation Shaolin Temple Master of Songshan Shaolin Temple, China

Shi Xing Wei Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Master, China, Las VegasShi Xing Wei, 32nd generation Shaolin Temple Master from Songshan Shaolin Temple, China.  Founder of Shaolin Kungfu Chan, Las Vegas and co-founder of Shaolin Tai Chi Cultural Center, Henderson.


Master Shi Xing Wei was born in Kaifeng in the Henan Province of China. He was 7 years old when his uncle, also a practitioner of Chinese kung fu, sparked Xing Wei's interest in the art which led him to enroll in a local Wushu (martial arts) training center. One day a Shaolin monk from the Songshan Shaolin Temple (Henan Province) was passing through and discovered Xing Wei's talent. The monk explained to Xing Wei that he could live and learn kung fu at the Shaolin Temple just as the monk himself did. Xing Wei was very interested and after gaining the support of his family he left and began a life at the Temple which would lead him to become a highly distinguished kung fu Master and humble follower of Buddhism.

Shi Xing Wei and Shi De Yang Shaolin Temple, China

Upon acceptance into Shaolin, Master Shi Xing Wei was given his Buddhist name and had his head shaven as part of initiation to become a disciple of Shaolin. Life for him at the Shaolin Temple was very different from what most of us are used to. He slept on a hard cot at night and was awakened as early as the sun every morning by a bell his Shifu would ring. Xing Wei along with his kung fu brothers would start the day by jogging for half an hour followed by six hours of kung fu training and other studies. Their day consisted of 3 practice sessions, each 2 hours long with an hour between to eat and rest. This routine was done six days a week with Sunday to rest and finish chores. Every year they received a 2 week break to return home and visit family.

Shi Xing Wei Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Master Las Vegas

As his training progressed at Shaolin, he became one of the strongest among his fellow brothers. At a young age he was promoted and chosen to fill the position of Chief of the Chinese Overseas Shaolin Kung Fu Teaching Department. It was an honor not lightly bestowed. Shortly after he was given the privilege to travel the world as part of the demonstration team to spread the awareness of Shaolin kung fu. Later he was promoted once more and became Director of Stage for the Shaolin Kung Fu Troupe which brought him to America for the first time.

Shaolin Monks perform kung fu for the world
During his travels he took every opportunity to meet and teach the people of each country he visited upon. He also entered into many provincial, national, and international tournaments and placed as champion. He was interviewed on different occasions and aired on television in many countries. While in America he made guest appearances on "Good Morning America", "The David Letterman Show", and "The Jay Leno Show". He has also taught celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio and the Wu-Tang Clan.

Shi Xing Wei and Leonardo DiCaprio
After over a decade with the Shaolin Temple, Master Shi Xing Wei decided he was ready to depart and follow a different path which lay in America. He currently resides in Las Vegas teaching Kungfu and Taiji at his very own school and has a loyal following. Amitoufo.

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