Shifu YanJie Hou| Songshan Shaolin Master of Shaolin Kung Fu

Shi Xing Jie

Born in Kaifeng, China, Shifu YanJie Hou began his kung fu training at the age of four, gaining interest from his father who was also a Shaolin martial artist.  At the age of 14, Shifu YanJie moved to Shaolin to start the intense Shaolin training.  Waking at 5:00 every morning for warmups and jogging, Shifu YanJie would train for up to nine hours a day.YanJie practices Shaolin Qigong on the Spear Tips

Shifu YanJie completed mastery of kung fu as well as the 18 Shaolin weapons, specializing in Hama Quan (Toad Fist) and Qiang (Spear).  Hard qigong training was also part of his curriculum and he is able to endure qigong exercises that would injure the normal untrained human being. Some of these exercises include poking the spear tip into the throat without penetration of the skin, balancing on one or four spear tips poking the dantian or torso, breaking a metal bar over the head, not to mention wooden staffs on the body, and throwing a needle through glass.

Shifu YanJie is endowed with a unique special talent, an exclusive discipline of the Shaolin Temple, Erzhi Chan or Two-Finder Meditation.  The fingers conditioned to be hard as iron, become secret weapons, ready to strike vital points of the enemy body.  Combining external and internal strength with the meditative mind, Shifu YanJie started his Erzhi Chan training at the age of 10.  

Shifu YanJie has been with Shaolin Kungfu Chan since 2013 and is currently teaching classes with us. Carrying on the tradition of Shaolin by passing on the training to others is part of Shifu YanJie's mission.  He hopes the practice of kung fu will bring strength, good health, and happiness to his students.  

We welcome you to visit us and meet with him.

 Shifu YanJie of Songshan Shaolin, China demonstrating two-finger zen.