Online ZOOM Classes - Shaolin Kung Fu Training with Shi Xing Wei - One Hour Sessions

Choose between three options:

1. $80 - One person, one month. 

2. $100 - Family in one household, one month (no matter the number of family members in that household).

3. $10 - One person, one class (Purchase as many classes as you would like to attend, all at once or one by one).

Classes begin May 19, 2020. Classes will be held three days a week for an hour per session. You may start any day you are ready to begin. Student membership will begin after payment has been made and student begins the first class. Classes will be held until memberships expire (one month after start); so if you start classes June 1, 2020, you can continue classes until June 30, 2020. There are no makeups for missed classes and no refunds once student has begun classes. Students will need the Zoom app (free) and internet connection for their device in order to participate. 


Tuesdays  1:00 pm
Thursdays  1:00 pm
Saturdays   1:00 pm

We look forward to seeing you in class! Jiayou!